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Support Through The Process From Adoption Lawyers In Glen Burnie, MD

Adoption is a wonderful way to build a family and making the decision to adopt a child is an exciting time for any family. However, this is a legal process and, without knowing the adoption laws in Maryland, it can be very difficult to navigate on your own. Hiring our adoption lawyers in Annapolis, MD and Glen Burnie, MD will ensure that the process goes smoothly, and without the issues commonly associated with self-representation.

Types of Adoptions in Glen Burnie, MD and Annapolis, MD

While most people think of adoption as one process and one definition, Maryland actually has three different types of adoption. This includes an independent adoption, a public agency adoption, or a private agency adoption.

What Will Happen?

Regardless of the type of adoption, your adoption lawyers will play a key role in the process. There are many different steps in the adoption process that include obtaining consent from the biological parents or the legal guardians, and also from the child if he or she is at least ten years of age.

There will also be the need of filing a petition for adoption in court, a notice of filing, and of discussing any possible ongoing visitation agreement between the adoptive parents and the biological parents, as well as a hearing to determine if the adoption request will be granted.

Your adoption lawyers will be even more instrumental in independent adoptions in Glen Burnie, MD and Annapolis, MD. If you are considering adoption, talk to us. We can review the steps and provide you with legal information to assist you throughout the process.

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