Common Questions For Asylum Lawyers In Annapolis, MD

Immigration attorneys and asylum lawyers in Glen Burnie, MD and Annapolis, MD work with people that are faced with removal proceedings, or that are trying to obtain Green Card and citizenship. The United States provides special consideration for people that are in the country seeking asylum because they have been or fear being prosecuted in their native country. Our asylum lawyers focus on assisting people that want to seek refugee status, if they are currently living outside of the country, or asylum if they are inside the United States.

What are the Criteria for Asylum in Annapolis, MD or Glen Burnie, MD?

There are very strict requirements or criteria that our asylum lawyers will explain to you, to determine if you will meet the standards. In essence, you have to be able to prove that you were or have a legitimate reason to believe you will be persecuted based on your membership in a social group, religion, race, nationality or for your political opinions or affiliations.

What is Persecution?

When many people ask our asylum lawyers about the definition of persecution in the law, they are surprised to find it is actually fairly vague. However, it must be nationwide, and not just in a specific geographical area of your country. In addition, it must include serious threats to your freedom or life, as well as the infliction of emotional –or physical– suffering or harm.

There are many other questions that are asked to our asylum lawyers in Glen Burnie, MD and Annapolis, MD. If you have any questions of your own on this very complex area of immigration law, just schedule an appointment and we will assess your case.

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