Do You Need Law Services In Annapolis, MD?

One of the most frequent given reasons for people to not contact law services in Annapolis is that the individual simply didn’t realize the consequences of not having legal representation. Often it isn’t until very late in the case that they finally seek help, sometimes leaving the attorney with limited options for representation.

While the courts and the law does provide the option for any person to represent themselves, it also prohibits the judge or the court from providing legal advice or assistance to someone that is self-represented. This puts you at a definite disadvantage since you are expected to not only know the law, but to also know and follow court procedures and legal practices.

The Cost Myth

Another very common issue when people don’t seek law services is that they believe that it cost prohibitive to have an attorney on their side. The reality is that not having an attorney can cost you far more than just a few dollars.

Before assuming that law services in Annapolis, MD are too expensive for you to consider, make some calls. Our law firm is here to work with you to provide top representation at reasonable rates.

Gilda O. Karpouzian can represent clients in immigration, family and divorce, estate planning and administration as well as bankruptcy cases. Call our law firm and speak to us, we can provide you with information on your specific case that show you how our law services can help you get competent legal representation.

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