Providing Services Through Family Visa Attorneys In Glen Burnie, MD and Annapolis, MD

While some people choose to apply for citizenship to the United States of America on their own, there are also options to allow entire families to apply for citizenship. Family visa attorneys in Annapolis, MD and Glen Burnie, MD can assist families with this process to ensure that they can reunite within the United States.

What Options to Consider

The first thing that our family visa attorneys in Annapolis, MD and Glen Burnie, MD will discuss with you is the various options to bring your family to the United States. With different options based on the type of relationship you have with the people you wish to have in the USA, making the right and most efficient choice is critical.

Common options that our family visa attorneys recommend include a Petition for Alien Relative, which allows you to bring in your legal spouse and your children. There are also fiancé visas and applications for family green cards to consider.

Who is Considered Family?

One of the most common questions our family visa attorneys are asked is who is considered family under the visa and immigration laws. Spouses and unmarried children under 21, as well as parents, are considered immediate relatives and typically have little difficulty in migrating.

Other family members, who can be brothers and sisters or married children of a US citizen, are also considered family. However, they will have a lower preference level, placed in a specific group and subject to quota for the number of visas granted each year.

Our family visa attorneys in Annapolis, MD and Glen Burnie, MD will be happy to discuss this with you, as well as the options you need to consider.

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