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When To Seek The Services Of Alimony Attorneys

When you are going through a divorce in Annapolis MD or Glen Burnie MD, and you meet the requirements of the law for spousal support, then alimony attorneys should be involved in your case.

It’s important to realize that under Maryland law, alimony (also known as spousal support, in other areas) has to be awarded before the divorce is finalized. Once the divorce has been completed and the marital relationship is ended, you cannot go back and try to claim this support –even if you are using alimony attorneys.

Types of Alimony in Annapolis, MD and Glen Burnie, MD

There are three different types of alimony that are available to either spouse. These include what is often known as temporary alimony (or alimony pendente lite), which may or may not lead into alimony after the divorce is finalized. Rehabilitative alimony is the most common option and is what alimony attorneys will typically recommend. This is time-limited alimony in Maryland that is typically limited to certain defined period of time, usually multiple years. This gives the spouse the time and financial means to go back to school or train for employment.

In very limited circumstances, your alimony attorneys may also negotiate for indefinite alimony (sometimes referred to as permanent alimony) that can be ordered if a spouse is unable to work or maintain their current living standards because of illness, disability, or their age.

Importance of Alimony Attorneys

Alimony negotiations can be very complex and also highly emotional for both spouses. Our experienced alimony attorneys in Annapolis, MD and Glen Burnie, MD will ensure that you get a fair amount, based on your individual circumstances and future options.

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